FAQ The page aggregates the most frequently asked questions on instant payday loans UK with the answers by our consulting executive, Daniel McBride.


  • Q: Is there a chance to get payday loans uk same day?
  • A: Yes, such opportunity definitely exists, even though the chances are not close to 100%. If you are looking to get the desired sum of money as soon as possible, you should submit your application early in the morning – ideally, before the midday. If your application is approved and the lender is ready to make a quick transfer, you’ll get the money the same day.


  • Q: How much shall I pay for fast cash payday loans?
  • A: The APR rate, the factor that largely defines the price of a payday loan varies from 1,230% to 2,200%. You should be considering the offers with the minimum possible APR which almost always guarantees the lowest price possible. From our side we are doing our best to cooperate only with diligent and conscientious loan providers that do not artificially raise the price for their services and charge unfair extras.


  • Q: Is there a chance to get payday loans with bad credit?
  • A: Absolutely. Your credit rating can hardly be a stumbling block on the way to obtaining an instant cash loan. Loan providers only verify basic information in an overwhelming number of cases. However, bad credit may have a certain impact on the maximum amount of money the company will be able to provide you with.


  • Q: Looking to apply for a loan. Are there any offices for cash loans in Edinburgh?
  • A: You don’t need to pay a visit to a brick and mortar office if you are looking to get some quick cash. Our web application enables you to submit an application online and deposit the amount of money you need straight to your bank account or credit card. Yes, it is that easy!


  • Q: How can I stay confidential?
  • A: Neither our company, nor our lending partners transfer your data to any 3rd parties, not indicated in the contract. Apart from that all the information you indicate is processed through an encrypted connection, so you can be more than confident about the safety of the information you share.